Project Management In Your Pocket

Still using paper to manage your projects? or even worse, your memory? Make the switch to our online Project Management Tool and become a master of the work - life balance! Keep all your project Schedules, Payments, Messages and Files in one place and easily communicate with your client.

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Me and My Builder Dashboard

Easy Scheduling

Tap in the customers details, tell us how long the project is and voila, we will create a week by week schedule ready for you. Just put in what work you will do each week and the schedule is set. This allows you to keep track of what you need to do to stay on track rather than just winging it, it also keeps your customer happy by allowing them to see you’re on target and keeping your promises!

Average time to complete 11 minutes.


Priceless Payment Plan

We always recommend taking a deposit on all projects. Why should you fund someone else’s nice new extension? The problem is people are reluctant to pay right?…Wrong, all our members take deposits, get paid on time every time and all without asking the client please sir can I have some more. That’s because with our clear payment plan linked to the schedule you set the amount you want paying at the time you need it. Wouldn’t you like to be paid on time, every time?

Average time to complete 7 minutes.

Super Storage

Architects drawings on site, covered in tea and cement barely readable after the first 2 hours? Quotes in the office and no idea what you actually included in the price? Pictures in emails or texts or on the camera and can’t find them anywhere?… Bring it all together and find inner peace. With unlimited storage you can keep all your project documents in one place, easily accessible so you and your client can see them whenever needed. Would you like to feel the bliss of organisation?

Average time to upload a document 30 seconds


More Time, More Money, Less Stress

Extras are traditionally the bane of any project, You’re a crook for charging for them, lucky if you get paid for them and all your fault for not including them!!.. Well not anymore, because we kindly explain to your client that extras do happen and they are easily recorded and accepted if they want them. With a few clicks of a button you can add any extra, be it time or money to your project and the schedule and payment plan is automatically updated so you still know where you need to be and when you’ll be paid.

Average Time to complete 2 minutes.

Communication is King

Emails, texts, calls, chats, smoke signals… However you communicate with your customers, things always seem to get lost in translation somewhere. Ever heard the phrase “I never got that text/email” “I don’t remember saying that” and you can’t prove otherwise? So have we, that’s why with our instant messenger all your communication is recorded in one place where it can’t be deleted so if you ver need to check what was said or agreed you can just scroll through and check or if it’s that kind of chat, prove your point!!

Anytime, anywhere

Mobile responsive site and mobile app allows easy access to all your projects, in the office on site or in the pub. Just log in and check whats going on.


We encrypt all transactions between you and us with 256-bit SSL technology.

Happy Builders

Notorious for being "no good with computers" the system was built by builders for builders, 1 finger typers and double double clickers this is for you too!

Happy Customers

The transparency and professionalism that using the system shows your customers instills them with so much trust and confidence in you that they'll actually enjoy paying you. And you'll win more work.